Metallurgy Industry

In Metallurgy section of Arshia Orang Co, the focus is on providing specialized raw materials for different fields such as foundry, cutting, grinding and welding.

Metallurgy has long been one of the most important industries all over the world. Since metals were discovered and primary tools were made by humans, Metallurgy industry was also formed. The first signs of Metallurgy outset were weapons, like axes and swords.
Generally, all activities associated with metals, directly or indirectly, are related to Metallurgy industry, however we can divide the industry into two broad sectors. The first part is the process of producing metals from ores, and the second part is alloys production and also the recovery process. 
Our activity is significantly reliant on the second part of the industry, such as foundry, grinding, cleaning and welding, which we have the possibility to supply a variety of specific and high quality raw materials in a part of this vast industry.