Refractory division of Arshia Orang supplies raw materials and additives for manufacturers of bricks, masses, special components and refractory mortars, both alkaline and acidic.

In 1317, as the cement production began in Iran, the refractory industry started to operate. With the establishment of Isfahan Steel Company and the starting steel production in Iran, the growing trend of this industry accelerated. Around 50 manufactures which currently operate in this industry, Arshia Orang is a leading supplier of refractory raw materials with over 25 years of experience. Taking advantage of the best raw materials as well as Arshia Orang’s specialists, the company has always had an effective step in the growing process of this industry. Moreover, Arshia Orang takes an effective step in the growing trend of this industry by imparting modern technical knowledge, introducing new raw materials and additives along with providing high quality raw materials.