Industry Building Chemical

At Arshia Orang. Building chemicals department, the attempt is to provide high quality raw materials to produce different types of products like plasticizers, tile adhesives, self-leveling compounds … and also to support you with finding the best solutions by our expert technicians. In this division, we work actively in two separates sections including concrete admixtures raw materials and Dry-mix mortars raw materials.

Nowadays the development of construction chemical industry and its role in building and civil engineering projects are significantly growing. Due to expanding modern and large-scale projects, the essential for highly resistant structures and also the demand for rapid construction, the industry has been taken into consideration particularly developing countries.
According to consumers’ needs, products are supplied in both liquid and powder base including concrete additives, types of dry-mix products such as grouts, tile adhesives, self-leveling compounds and ... in the industry.
At Arshia Orang Company, our business is to supply the raw materials in two segments; Concrete additives and dry-mix mortars.